Chemtag (Pack of 10)

Identify and control hazardous substances

The Chemtag insert contains all the pertinent (from MSDS) information specific to the risks that hazardous substances pose, in case of emergency.
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A complete hazardous substance status tagging system to help prevent accidents and efficiently manage inspection procedures.

Specifically designed to identify hazardous substances as defined by COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health):1999. It uses our unique holder and insert system to ensure the latest status is instantly visible at the point of use. The Chemtag insert contains all the pertinent information specific to the risks that hazardous substances pose such as:

  • Substance type
  • Details of hazards and precautions
  • Action to be taken in case of emergency
  • Supplier's name and emergency telephone number
  • Details of how to dispose of the item

The insert should accompany the patient to hospital so that appropriate medical treatment can be administrated. By removing the insert from the holder, the area is instantly put into "Do not use" status.

The holder provides multiple attachment options such as cable tie, adhesive, screw or rivet.

Helps you to comply with legislative requirements and good practices of:

  • Inspecting and maintaining areas containing hazardous substances
  • Ensuring employees are informed of what hazardous substances are present, the risks these pose, precautions and actions to take in the case of an emergency
More Information
Article Number CTSH
Contents 10 Chemtag Holders, 10 Chemtag Inserts, 1 Pen
Size - Dimensions 260.00 mm x 153.00 mm (Holder), 193.00 mm x 144.00 mm (Insert)
Material Holder - ABS / Insert - Polypropylene
Attachment options Cable Tie, Magentic, Adhesive
Delivery time 2-5 working days
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