Safetrak Equipment Inspections Software


Save lives with SafeTrak

Too many workplace accidents are still caused by using equipment that is not fit for use. These accidents can have grave consequences. Imagine a scaffold collapsing: co-workers and passers-by might be seriously injured with colossal impact for themselves, their families and your business. Think about what happens when your fire extinguishers do nothing when they should, when valves suddenly break down, or when the reverse warning indicator on a forklift does not work

Diligent inspection planning, thorough equipment inspections and clear inspection reports and histories can save lives, avoid suffering and major costs in a lot of industries.

What is SafeTrak?

SafeTrak is a digital system that supports businesses with inspection planning, equipment inspections and inspection reporting to maximise safety, improve resource performance and minimise costs.

SafeTrak offers

  • Digital planning of regular equipment inspections
  • Guided, step-by-step customisable equipment inspections
  • Automated reporting on demand or at regular intervals
  • Digital book in/out for equipment

SafeTrak benefits

Digital equipment inspections offer a number of advantages:

  • Easy inspection planning complete with automated reminder emails
  • Accurate, standardised, customisable equipment inspections
  • Complete inspections on-the-job and immediately upload the completed template
  • Auto-generate reports in one click including the latest inspection data
  • Receive complete, auto-generated reports and audit trails at regular intervals via email