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Employees have a duty of care under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) that states that .every employer shall ensure that where appropriate work equipment is provided with suitable means to isolate it from all sources of energy.. One of the ways to ensure this duty is met is to implement a Lockout Tagout system.

Lockout Tagout (LOTO) is a term used to refer to the use of physical restrictions and visual warnings to render machinery or equipment inoperable or to isolate an energy source. It is a planned safety procedure that involves turning off the energy supply of industrial machinery and equipment whilst maintenance work or repairs are being carried out. This procedure protects workers from the risks posed by live machinery or electricity. These hazards can come from a whole range of energy sources including electricity, pneumatics, steam, gas and liquids to name a few.

In a lockout/ tagout application, a disconnect switch, circuit breaker, valve, or some other type of energy-isolating device is put in the safe position (not necessarily "off", some systems may be safer when devices are locked "on") and a lock and tag attached to the energy-isolating device. In some cases there may also be the need for multiple people lockout/ tagout, (e.g. in multiple trade activity), these cases will require greater attention, more detailed control systems and possible use of equipment such as lockboxes or multilock hasps.

One of the key benefits of the Lockout Tagout system is that it helps prevent accidents to workers. The system also helps reduce the amount of man hours that can potentially be lost and reduce production downtime - all factors that will result in improved business performance.

Scafftag, equipment status management specialists, provides a complete range of both physical lockout and visual tagout systems to provide a total management solution for all mechanical and electrical risks. Scafftag can also provide a one-to-one service to identify a complete, tailored solution.

A number of companies have successfully implemented Scafftag.s Lockout Tagout systems including a major refinery that processes 234,000 barrels of crude oil every day as well as gasoline and diesel for transportation. Following an incident at the refinery, the company reviewed its operational systems and as part of this review Scafftag worked with staff to help design a Lockout Tagout system that was relevant and bespoke to them.

Chris Nix, UK & Ireland Sales Manager explains how Scafftag developed a unique system: .We supplied 12,000 padlocks to the refinery. Due to the vast number of items that needed controlling, we worked with the refinery to establish a .grand master. padlocking. Each area required 250 padlocks and there were 15 different areas. Keys were designed to open each padlock, another key was developed as a master key that was able to open all 250 padlocks in one area and a grand master key was developed to open all padlocks and this key was to be held by a senior person. All padlocks were then colour coded and engraved for identification purposes. The complicated nature of this system meant that, together with the refinery, we invested a lot of time in it to ensure it ran smoothly.. The refinery also identified issues in storing the padlocks and Scafftag developed a unique filing cabinet for the refinery.s needs..

New wallboards were also implemented as part of the permit to work system. Each wallboard detailed the work being carried out on a particular area to avoid other areas of operation being affected.

Chris continues: .The new system helps the refinery to adhere to regulations. Equipment is easily identified and monitored which makes the refinery a safer place to work. The system also means there is less paperwork and records are more controlled through the dedicated permit to work offices..

Scafftag was able to offer the refinery more than just a lockout tagout system. Through the free Scafftag Equip programme, Scafftag offered its advice and industry expertise to help comply with the latest legal requirements and implement best practice. This meant that as well as supplying the Lockout Tagout system, Scafftag was also able to adequately train all relevant employees. Scafftag Equip starts with an assessment by an expert, then works to develop a complete set of systems that help protect a work force. Training, operational guidance and safety advice are all part of Scafftag Equip.


Chris explains: .We began working on the project right from the start so it gave us a great understanding of what was required. Wallboards, cabinets and padlocks were designed specifically for our client and once the system had been implement we trained all staff. Anyone can sell a product but this project has shown that by investing time and money you can produce an effective and bespoke system that offers the customer peace of mind as well as operational improvement..

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