Temporary Works Tag

The Temporary Works Tag enables companies to increase workplace safety and compliance with EU Directive 92/57/EEC by communicating vital information on the hoarding and fencing itself where it can be seen by all workers.

Temporary Works Tags

Increase compliance

Complying with EU Directive 92/57/EEC on minimum safety requirements for temporary and mobile construction sites becomes easier with the Temporary Works Tag. On the tag's removable insert, the following information can be added:

  • date and time of inspection
  • inspector's signature
  • inspector's company
  • who erected the temporary works
  • when it was erected
  • who the Temporary Works coordinator is
  • what the maximum load is + signature

Increase workplace safety

The Temporary Works Tag consists of a durable insert and holder which can be attached directly to a wide range of temporary works. On the insert, workers can immediately see when the temporary works was last inspected, and if it was deemed fit for use. All other vital safety information on the tag can also become immediately available to any worker using the temporary works.

Outdoor durability

Designed for outdoor use, both the holder and removable inserts are made out of durable, UV-resistant and weatherproof materials. Information added on the insert should remain legible if written with a permanent marker. The holder can be tightly fastened to the equipment with cable ties.

Product Specifications

Product Specifications