Inspection Timer for Scaffolding

The Inspection Timer for Scaffolding clearly highlights when the next scheduled scaffold inspection is required. The timer is equipped with a series of identifying LEDs which flash regularly, indicating the current status of the inspection due period.

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2-5 working days

The innovative Scaffold Inspection Timer can help save lives by clearly showing when scaffold maintenance is needed on Scafftags from Brady. Its LED lights grab the attention of users and maintenance professionals alike from a distance and help avoid the use of uninspected or worn out scaffolding.

Time for maintenance
The Scaffold Inspection Timer clearly highlights when the next planned scaffold maintenance intervention is due in 7 days. Each version is equipped with a dark green, light green, yellow and flashing red LED light that indicate a recently inspected up to an uncertain equipment status.

Easy and practical
The Scaffold Inspection Timer can easily be clipped on Scafftags from Brady. At the end of its 7 day inspection time interval, the tag can be reset until the 1 year+ tag battery is spent. A battery status indicator constantly shows how much power is left.

Save lives
Opposed to other solutions, the Scaffold Inspection Timer's coloured LED lights can be seen from a distance and actively draw attention from users and passers-by. Scaffolding with the Scaffold Inspection Timer is not likely to exceed its maintenance interval determined by laws and regulations. This allows the Scaffold Inspection Timer to optimally support maintenance interventions that save lives.

Scafftag Scaffold Inspection Timer EU Declaration of Conformity


More Information
Article Number SIT7
Number of Records / Insert Digital Timer
Max. Number of Records / Kit Digital Timer
Contents 1x Scaffold Inspection Timer, 3 - AAA Alkaline Batteries
Size - Dimensions 91.95 mm x 149.86 mm x 16.00 mm
Material ABS
Delivery time 2-5 working days
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