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Keeping on top of the elements

Prevention is always better than cure from a financial, operations and employee wellbeing point of view. Contractors and employees responsible for on-site safety simply need to increase the frequency of their equipment checks to ensure the working environment is not compromised by storms, floods, frost or even fog. A simple daily spot check and the adoption of an Equipment Tagging System to display which equipment is unsafe or inoperable can prove invaluable. The time invested is a small price to pay when compared against the potential cost of downtime caused by weather-related accidents.

The weather affects different equipment in different ways. Out on site with customers developing solutions for various types of equipment, Scafftag has seen the effects of changing weather conditions and has these warnings to consider:

  • General: Scaffolding needs to be inspected every seven days. If there is adverse weather, then it should be checked every day that the weather persists
  • Rain: Can destabilise the ground structure and increase the threat of toppling mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) or vehicles
  • Blustery winds: Able to change the physical structure of equipment. Fall protection netting acts like a windbreak which can effect temporary roofs and destabilise ladders
  • Snow: Scaffolding loading classification can be altered by falling snow
  • Cold temperatures: Increases potential for slips, while a freeze can effect loading ability of scaffolding
  • Lightening: Cranes and mast climbers are most susceptible to being struck
  • Sun: Heat can crack and destabilise floor surfaces posing a risk to structures

Keep on top of your Scaffolding Inspections

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