Scafftag can custom design your Tagging Systems to help manage virtually any issue and fit seamlessly with your business and systems.

A wide range of options are available including:

  • Tag size and shape
  • Data to be displayed / recorded
  • Branding, logos, colours
  • Adapt to site requirements-RFID chips, barcode, metal stripfor magnetic detection
  • Attachment methods-cable tie, screw, rivet, adhesive, magnetic, and more

So whatever your issue, contact us for a noobligation solution.


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1. Which equipment / issues are you looking to manage?

2. What type of systems are you looking to put in place?

3. What volumes of this equipment do you have on site?

4. What data would you like to record?

5. How often does information need to be physically recorded?

6. Would you like to include your logo and/or corporate colours?

7. Are there any specific site / user requirements for productselection e.g. intrinsically safe, chemical exposure etc?

8. Are there any existing systems your solution would need towork with e.g. permit to work, asset tracking etc?